Locking $DOB

Lock $DOB for even more additional benefits

Locking $DOB is the key to making the most profits within the DeOrderBook ecosystem. Users should ensure they regularly claim the $DOB rewards earned from making DeOrders while also locking them back in as often as possible.

What rewards can I earn from locking $DOB?

Locking $DOB provides two types of rewards to NFT holders on the $DOB ecosystem:

  • a share of protocol fee revenue, paid out in HODL tokens

  • a share of BULLET tokens collected from daily generated DeOrders, exclusively awarded to Gold Gerege NFT holders

Protocol Revenue-sharing

50% of all fees generated by the platform are distributed back to users via a revenue-sharing scheme paid out in HODL tokens. Paying out rewards in HODL, which is directly redeemable for supported cryptocurrencies such as $USDC and $wBTC, ensures that DeOrderBook remains Ponzinomics-free while its users enjoy earning real yield.

Rewards can be manually claimed on the Claim & Exercise page .

BULLET token share

Whenever a DeOrder is placed using HODL tokens, a matching amount of SNIPER and BULLET tokens are generated. While the SNIPER tokens are placed in the DeOrder pool and start earning $DOB rewards, the BULLET tokens are sent to the Treasury.

20% of BULLET tokens generated daily are kept by the Treasury as fees, while the remaining 80% are redistributed back to eligible $DOB lockers via a daily BULLET Raffle.

How long is my $DOB locked for?

$DOB is locked for a 30-day period.

How do I lock $DOB?

  1. Connect your supported wallet to the platform. At the time of writing, DeOrderBook supports Metamask and Wallet Connect.

  2. Visit the DeOrderBook website at www.deorderbook.com .

  3. Navigate to the Lock page.

  4. On the left side of the Lock page, you will see a window prompting you to select an amount of $DOB to lock. You may either manually enter a value in the text window, or use the slider to select a percentage of your available $DOBto lock. When you've selected how much $DOB you want to lock, press the 'Lock' button.

Tutorial Video 🎥 : Locking $DOB Tokens

Tutorial Video 🎥 : Claiming HODL Rewards from Locking