Claim & Exercise

Claim staking rewards and exercise DeOrders

On the Claim & Exercise page, users can interact with various tokens through:

  • Staking HODL tokens directly

    • HODL tokens can be staked for a basic APR without placing a DeOrder directly after being minted.

  • Interacting with DeOrder pools

    • DeOrders can be unwound here at any time before they reach their expiry date, as long as users have the required amounts of matching SNIPER and BULLET tokens

    • $DOB rewards earned through placing DeOrders can be collected here

  • Exercising DeOrders

Background: Anti-Oracle Squad Shooting Range

It has been some time since the Oracle was driven away from the planet of DeOrderBook, full of shame for all the hard-earned money she'd lost its poor citizens. Yet, it is only a matter time before the Oracle and the hackers that follow her like a plague of locusts come back to DeOrderBook. Dobia's soldiers, the Anti-Oracle Squad, must remain ever vigilant...