Citizens (and Discord roles!)

Understanding DeOrderBook society from the bottom up

The planet of DeOrderBook (and its Discord channel!) is organized in a societal structure reminiscent of Ancient Egypt. Team members and users alike can be identified on Discord by their individual titles, as bestowed by Dobia of course.

Council of Anubis:

This Discord role is reserved for management-rank members of the Product Management Office in charge of DeOrderBook.

  • Pharaoh – the PM/GM

  • Grand Vizier – the PO

  • Viziers – PM-rank PMO leaders

Priesthood of Dobia

This Discord role is for all core members of the DeOrderBook development team.


This Discord role is for any non-Core team members, collaborators, and backers.


This Discord role is to be awarded to any core contributors from the DeOrderBook DAO.


This Discord role is for any community mods serving the protocol.


This Discord role is for Gerege Gold NFT holders.


This Discord role is for Gerege Silver NFT holders.


This role represents all others in the Server, at least until they rise to the challenge of promotion via purchasing an NFT, becoming a mod, or becoming a core contributor.

Slaves (to Oracles)

This is everyone else who isn't even on the Server. If you're not trading on your DeOrderBook, you're still a slave to the Oracle and her torment of vulnerability.