DeOrderBook Docs

Table of Contents

Intro to DeOrderBook

Get a quick overview of DeOrderBook and how to get started on the following pages.
DeOrderBook Core and why to use it
Start using DeOrderBook
Future Plans
Table of all collected fees
A guide to common terms used on DeOrderBook
A detailed overview of DeOrderBook

DeOrderBook App

Skim through the different pages that are available on our App, and enjoy an explanation of the design choices behind each of them.
Mint HODL tokens and place DeOrders
Check out every inch of your DeOrderBook account here
Lock your $DOB rewards and join BULLET token raffles
Claim rewards and exercise orders
An intergalactic marketplace for BULLET token trading
Mint Gerege Silver and Gold NFTs for more rewards
View transaction details with ENS, wallet, or transaction hash

The World

Savor the world and characters of the planet DeOrderBook, uniquely created to illustrate the protocol and its functions in an entertaining way.
Get to know the core characters behind DeOrderBook
Enjoy the backstory created for the planet of DeOrderBook
Understand the hierarchy of DeOrderBook society


A deep dive into the HODL tokens needed to first start using the DeOrderBook protocol.
A basic overview of HODL tokens
Mint HODL to get started
Stake HODL directly for a basic APY
Redeem HODL back for supported cryptos


Get to know DeOrders: the decentralized limit orders that represent the heart and soul of the DeOrderBook protocol and ecosystem.
A basic overview of DeOrders
Learn how to place different types of DeOrders


Get to know SNIPER & BULLET tokens: generated whenever a DeOrder is placed and key to more earning opportunities.
Learn what SNIPER & BULLET tokens are
Understanding how to get each token
Learn how to use BULLET tokens to exercise DeOrders
Trade BULLET tokens on the Bazaar
Earn BULLET rewards through the Raffle


Get to know the governance utility token of the protocol: $DOB.
Learn about $DOB's fundamentals
Claim $DOB rewards for more earning opportunities
Lock $DOB rewards for additional rewards

Gerege NFT Program

Purchase a Gerege NFT to access a whole new level of gamification and rewards for DeOrderBook users.
Enjoy a full overview of the dual-tier NFT program
Understand the mechanics of the basic NFT tier
Understand the mechanics of the premium NFT tier

Support & Community

Become part of the DeOrderBook community today!