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Check all your DeOrderBook assets in one place
Account page by night
On the Account page, users can take a look at all the assets they have available on the platform.
The different token types that will be encountered here are:
  • HODL: The very first type of token needed to participate in DeOrderBook
  • $DOB: The native governance token of the platform, which can be locked for rewards
  • SNIPER: An option writer obligation token, generated in tandem with BULLET tokens when placing a DeOrder
  • BULLET: An option right token, generated in tandem with SNIPER tokens. These are awarded to eligible $DOB lockers, and have the unique property of being able to exercise DeOrders. Tradable at the BULLET Bazaar.
The Account page allows users to:
  • View the different DeOrderBook token types available in their wallet, and their value
  • Conveniently access the majority of actions available for each token type, all in one place
  • View the different DeOrders they have placed and the relevant parameters
  • View the different token amounts that have been staked\
Background: Crypto Cockpit Every spacefaring degen comes to DeOrderBook on some kind of spacecraft. This is yours — a cockpit ready to take you (and your funds!) to new heights on DeOrderBook.\