Concept and Backstory

The concept and backstory of DeOrderBook


Dobia is a mysterious goddess-like creature within the neo-Egyptian civilization based on the planet of DeOrderBook.

Dobia is the protector of the planet but she often has to deal with the Oracle. The Oracle was the former protector of the world, but turned out to be too vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation: resulting in her being cast out from the world which she so desperately wants to come back to again.

The Planet of DeOrderBook

DeOrderBook is a lush, thrilling planet populated by all manner of denizen of the cryptoverse. Dobia's promise to all who enter her planet is that in return for their loyalty and devotion, she will protect their funds and grow them for all eternity. The planet is protected by a forcefield that repels the Oracle and those who might try to steal from the inhabitants of DeOrderBook.

Those who wish to explore the planet of DeOrderBook in all its magnificence must purchase a Gerege , much like the traders and envoys of old who used Gereges to explore the ancient Mongolian empire.

The Temple of Dobia

Many go to this planet to complete a pilgrimage to Dobia herself, at the massive temple that is the centerpiece of the entire planet.

Dobia accepts prayer offerings in the form of 'DeOrders'. Those who arrive at their temple use DeOrders to pray for their crypto price predictions: hopefully making them richer than their wildest dreams.

To thank pilgrims for their faith in making DeOrders, Dobia continually rewards them with $DOB tokens for as long as their DeOrder remains active. No matter if their prediction comes true or not, Dobia will still protect users by providing them $DOB tokens. Yet if their prediction comes true, then they will be rewarded with even further profits!

The BULLET Bazaar

Another centrepiece of the planet of DeOrderBook is the BULLET Bazaar, an intergalactic marketplace where the valuable BULLET tokens can be bought and sold.\