Dual-Tier NFTs: Silver and Gold

Explaining DeOrderBook's dual-tier NFT concept

During its beta and soft launch, DeOrderBook will be available for all users on the Goerli testnet.

However, the juiciest rewards on DeOrderBook are available to those who join the Gerege NFT program and level up their NFTs for greater and greater rewards.

The DeOrderBook NFT comes into two tiers: Gerege Gold and Gerege Silver, each suited for different user types.

The Gerege Silver NFTs are open for purchase by all users, with a random chance to obtain a special 1/1 NFT when minting. Gerege Gold NFTs are only available for purchase by specific whitelisted addresses.

What is the inspiration behind the Gerege NFT program?

Long ago at the height of the renowned Mongolian empire, traders who had attained the favor of the Khan would be issued a 'Gerege': tablets that assured them free passage around the Empire and the right to trade as they pleased.

In the world of DeOrderBook, Gereges are revived in the form of a dual-tier NFT program that unlocks the full potential of the protocol just as true Gereges unlocked full exploration around the empire.

What are the difference between Gerege Silver and Gerege Gold)?

DeOrderBook is launching with an NFT series available for optional purchase by users, entitled Gerege .The ordinary class of NFTs are called Gerege Silver, while the premium class is called Gerege Gold.

Gerege Silver

Gerege Silver NFTs are targeted at retail users, and would provide additional revenue-sharing through a ranking and leveling system which will allow the DOB core team to set campaigns with desired user actions and award points which can then be spent by the user in leveling-up, resulting in the desired benefits on-chain.

Gerege Gold

Gerege Gold NFTs will be for business users, and provides all the benefits of the ordinary class plus the ability to claim option rights tokens or "BULLETs", and sell them via a convenient interface called the BULLET Bazaar.

Tutorial Video 🎥 : Minting a Gerege Silver NFT