Claim earned $DOB and lock for rewards

On the Lock page, users that hold Gerege NFTs can lock the $DOB rewards they've received from placing DeOrders. Rewards are given out in proportion to the amount of $DOB you've staked, so make sure to take a look the reward ratio to see how much you're entitled to earn compared to other users on DeOrderBook. The daily BULLET Raffle can be joined from this page, with users eligible to receive a share of BULLET token rewards as long as they've reached the daily eligibility threshold. Background: The Temple Vault Locking your hard-earned funds at the Temple of Dobia means placing them into a mysterious vault at the heart of the Temple. Nobody knows what goes on inside the vault, but it is said that Dobia herself draws power from all the gold placed within: giving herself even more strength to multiply it for those who follow her loyally.\