An intergalactic marketplace just for BULLETs

A BULLET P2P marketplace will be launched together with DeOrderBook Core, allowing users maximum flexibility in putting their BULLET tokens up for sale and bidding those needed from other users. This marketplace is branded as the BULLET Bazaar within the world of the DeOrderBook protocol.

Who can use the BULLET Bazaar?

The BULLET Bazaar will initially only be available for use by users that hold Gerege Gold NFTs. Every day at 9 am UTC, a daily raffle is held distributing BULLETs amongst eligible users who have locked the required amount of $DOB, the platform's native governance token within the last epoch.

Users can manually claim their share of BULLETs after the raffle is held each day. At launch, only those users that hold Gerege Gold NFTs will be able to claim BULLETs. Possessing such an NFT will also open up access to the BULLET Bazaar.

What else can be done at the BULLET Bazaar?

At the BULLET Bazaar, users are able to view all the BULLETs available for sale: together with parameters such as the exercise date, exercise price, OTC open times and OTC prices. Users will be able to trade BULLETs and use a special interface where pricing, sizing and order status can all be adjusted for maximum control over trading advantages. BULLETs can be bought and sold for HODL tokens, which can be minted with supported cryptocurrencies.

Who can trade on the BULLET Bazaar?

At launch, all addresses will be able to sell BULLET tokens from the BULLET Bazaar. Only whitelisted addresses will be able to buy BULLET tokens until further consultation with the DeOrderBook community.

How do I sell my BULLETs?

  1. Visit the DeOrderBook website at www.deorderbook.com .

  2. Connect your supported wallet to the platform. At the time of writing, DeOrderBook supports Metamask, and Wallet Connect. For ease of explanation, this tutorial will use Metamask.

  3. Head to the Bazaar tab at the upper right corner of the top navigation bar.

  4. On the Bazaar tab, all the BULLETs you have earned are shown on-screen.

BULLET tokens can be sold individually by pressing 'Sell' to the right of the tokens you'd like to put on sale.

  • Select 'Bulk Sell' at the bottom of the respective uBULLET and bBULLET sections to put all BULLETs of the same type on sale.

  1. When you put BULLET tokens on sale, a pop-up will appear prompting you to select the amount of BULLETs to put on sale, as well as the OTC reference price. Sales last for 24 hours each, upon which the BULLET tokens will be taken off sale automatically.

Feel free to quote a lower or higher asking price than the reference price, then sit back to see if your sale will go through.

Taking BULLETs off sale

To take BULLET tokens down from sale, select 'Off Shelf' to the right of the tokens you'd like to take off from sale.

  • Select 'Bulk Off Shelf' at the bottom of the respective uBULLET and bBULLET sections to take all BULLETs of the same type off sale.

Tutorial Video 🎥 : Selling BULLETs on BULLET Bazaar