What is DeOrderBook ?

An introduction to the basic concept and philosophy behind the protocol

Introducing DeOrderBook

DeOrderBook is an up-and-coming fully decentralized optionality protocol launching first on Ethereum with a yield-enhanced limit order use case for the Bitcoin market.

Above all, DOB is proud of the fact that the protocol is completely oracle-free: ensuring that users' funds remain more secure than anywhere else in DeFi while also offering them the greatest opportunities for surviving any threat from market volatility.

Our Team

Backing this protocol, we are a group of DeFi builders and TradFi operators united under a common mission to build the next wave of technology-driven finance. Our protocol eventually aims to satisfy various risk appetites of spot, options, and derivatives traders while leveraging the attractiveness of DeFi to both retail and institutional finance actors.

Supported Tokens

At its launch on the Ethereum mainnet, DeOrderBook supports two major tokens, $wBTC and $USDC.