Minting HODL

Mint HODL tokens from supported cryptocurrencies

Why should I mint HODL tokens?

As mentioned in Explaining HODL , supported cryptocurrencies need to be minted into HODL tokens in order to participate in DeOrderBook's ecosystem.

At launch, DeOrderBook supports $USDC and $wBTC.

Are there any fees collected for minting HODL tokens?

No, there are no fees collected for minting HODL tokens. However, users should ensure they have enough $ETH in their wallet to cover any transaction costs.

How do I mint HODL tokens?

NOTE: This guide will assume users are using Metamask and swapping $USDC for $uHODL tokens.

Minting is done at a 1:1 ratio, so users will receive the exact same number of HODL tokens as the amount of supported currency they have chosen to use.

  1. Visit the DeOrderBook website at .

  2. Connect your supported wallet to the platform. At the time of writing, DeOrderBook supports Metamask and Wallet Connect. For ease of explanation, this tutorial will use Metamask.

  3. On the DeOrder page, select an amount of supported cryptocurrency you'd like to use for minting HODL tokens. In the below example, 1000 $USDC is being used to mint 1000 uHODL.

Press 'Mint uHODL', and approve the transaction on your wallet. Wait for the transaction to go through, but be warned this may take a little while depending on how clogged the network is!

  1. A success message will be shown when the minting transaction has succeeded.

  1. Now that uHODL tokens have been minted, users a ready to place a DeOrder.