Explaining $DOB

The native governance utility token of the protocol

$DOB is the native governance utility token of the platform. Along with allowing users to participate in community governance via proportional voting rights, the $DOB token can be locked back onto the protocol for a whole new world of earning opportunities.

How do I earn $DOB?

$DOB is earned continuously once a DeOrder has been placed. Rewards will continue to accumulate until the DeOrder has reached its expiry date. Users should make sure to check back onto the protocol often to manually claim their rewards.

What can I do with $DOB?

$DOB allows users to participate in a decentralized community known as the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Decisions concerning the protocol and its future will all be made with the team and the DAO in full collaboration, in the spirit of true decentralization.

In addition to making users a vital part of the community, $DOB can further boost earnings:

  • $DOB can be sold on DEXs like Uniswap via liquidity pools

  • $DOB can be locked onto the DeOrderBook platform for further rewards for users holding Gerege NFTs