Redeeming HODL

Redeem HODL for supported cryptocurrencies

Whenever users are ready to reap the fruits of their labour from DeOrderBook, they can redeem supported cryptocurrencies back from the HODL tokens in their wallet.

At launch, DeOrderBook supports $USDC and $wBTC.

Are there any fees collected for redeeming HODL?

Yes, there is a minimal fee of 0.2% collected when redeeming HODL tokens.

How can I redeem HODL for a supported cryptocurrency?

NOTE: This guide will assume users are using Metamask and redeeming $USDC with $uHODL tokens.

  1. Visit the DeOrderBook website at .

  2. Connect your supported wallet to the platform. At the time of writing, DeOrderBook supports Metamask and Wallet Connect. For ease of explanation, this tutorial will use Metamask.

  3. On the 'Account' page, scroll down towards the Assets section. This is where all the tokens you have available within the DeOrderBook ecosystem are visible.

  4. Look for the HODL token type you'd like to stake, then click on the small white arrow to the right to see a drop-down menu describing all the actions you can take with your HODL tokens.

  1. Select 'Redeem USDC' from the menu.

  1. Approve the transaction, wait for it to go through: and you've successfully redeemed your HODL tokens.

Tutorial Video 🎥 : Redeeming HODL Tokens