Gerege Silver

Introducing the Gerege Silver NFTs...

What's the inspiration behind the Gerege Silver designs?

Gerege Silver NFTs take inspiration from anime, cyberpunk, and classic shoot-em-ups to create a playful series of NFTs that feature the Tiratores. Each NFT features a unique Tiratore, each filled with love (and lust!) for all the juicy $DOB rewards up for grabs on the protocol.

In the world of DeOrderBook, Tiratores (or Tiras for short) are a proud race of yield-hungry raccoon explorers from the β€˜DeGen’ sector of the cryptoverse. They are led by the feisty space soldier Valor, a devotee of the planet of DeOrderBook and its all-powerful goddess Dobia.

How much does a Gerege Silver NFT cost?

Issued on an ERC-721 standard, each Gerege Silver NFT starts at Level 1 and comes at a price of 0.1 $ETH. The DeOrderBook treasury guarantees a buyback price of 0.1 $ETH to its users.

What are the benefits of being a Gerege Silver NFT holder?

Gerege Silver NFTs unlock additional revenue-sharing via "Ranking and Leveling" system. Additional perks will include airdrops, "preferred dividends", and Discord perks.

How to level up my Gerege Silver NFT?

Freshly-minted Gerege Silver NFTs start at Level 1, with a maximum possible level of 100. Each Level provides an additional 0.5% in revenue-sharing, this system will be off-chain for starters, additional revenue-sharing will happen once a month instead of per-block.

In order to "level-up", Gerege Silver NFT holders must gain enough "experience points" (XP) to meet the benchmark for the next Level.

The requirements to earn points and the benchmarks to "level-up" will change based on different seasonal campaigns. For example, points can be given for referring a new user, taking multiple positions in a given week, participating in social media campaigns, etc.

Will my Gerege Silver NFT carry my XP and Level?

During the "season", NFT holders can write points they accumulate to their NFTs and also level-up by calling a contract method, so the NFT itself can carry their XP and Level values. When seasons change, new benchmarks for leveling-up and a new chart of actions that give XP will be released, to keep the system dynamic.

How do I purchase a Gerege Silver NFT?

Gerege Silver NFTs can be purchased via the NFT minting applet, which also allows users to put their NFTs up for auction and view others that have been put up for sale as well. Even more excitingly: minting a Gerege Silver NFT offers users a chance to win one of 10 exclusive, hand-drawn and individually themed 1/1 NFTs.