Why use DeOrderBook?

What makes DeOrderBook unlike anything ever seen in DeF

Oracle-free design

Oracles have been a point of vulnerability in several DeFi protocols: and for good reason. Reliance on a middleman to transport data between the real world and the blockchain makes it very easy for hackers and other bad actors to know where to target.

Oracles are an unnecessary obstacle towards full decentralization, and leave users at the mercy of token prices getting hacked or protocol designs being manipulated. DeOrderBook has been designed with game theory and precision economics in place of oracles; ensuring that users are fully protected within a fully decentralized environment.

Real Yield

Real yield means sustainable yield, based on solid tokenomics and a nuanced understanding of human behaviour. Too many DeFi protocols have relied on 'pump-and-dump' schemes and inflated APYs to attract hordes of users: just for everyone to see it all come crashing down around them. The DeOrderBook ecosystem has been precisely designed to ensure a circular system of value that rewards and incentivizes greater participation without the fluff or the hype. We believe that when our users make real money, we do too: for example, our revenue-sharing scheme pays out in cold hard crypto instead of just in our own token.

Unmatched Capital Flexibility

Crypto, let alone DeFi, can be a dangerous and volatile place. It makes sense for users to need the flexibility to jump from one investment to another with ease: it's this need for speed that has converted a lot of us away from TradFi and CeFi investments.

On DeOrderBook, users are allowed to unwind their limit orders early at any time before expiry: as long as they have the requisite collateral and matching tokens. \