DeOrderBook Core

The main product and its features available at launch

DeOrderBook Core Functions

Too many users have stacks of $BTC or stablecoins such as $USDC lying in their wallets gathering dust. DeOrderBook has an elegant solution to help ensure users keep accumulating wealth even while they keep their most beloved currencies close. Using a revolutionary protocol design that takes oracles out of the equation, DeOrderBook is able to offers users real yield and maximum capital flexibility in a uniquely secure environment of decentralization. The DeOrderBook solution revolves around the four core token types that make up its ecosystem, each with their own important associated actions.

  • HODL: To enter the DeOrderBook ecosystem, users must first mint HODL tokens from supported cryptocurrencies. HODL tokens can then be used as collateral to back DeOrders, which are essentially limit orders.

  • $DOB: The native governance token of the platform, earned at a continuous rate as placed DeOrders mature. $DOB can be locked back onto the platform for rewards in the form of revenue-sharing and BULLET tokens.

  • SNIPER: An option writer obligation token, generated in tandem with BULLET tokens when placing a DeOrder. Can be combined with matching BULLETs to unwind orders at any time before expiry date.

  • BULLET: An option right token, generated in tandem with SNIPER tokens. These are awarded to eligible $DOB lockers, and have the unique property of being able to exercise DeOrders. Tradable at the BULLET Bazaar.

Tutorial Video 🎥 : How DeOrderBook Works