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Future plans for DeOrderBook
DeOrderBook has a long and exciting roadmap planned ahead of its launch.
After DeOrderBook's v1 launch on the Ethereum mainnet, representing the world's first decentralized option embedded orderbook on Ethereum for $wBTC/$USDC, the protocol's next priority would be to attract wider user growth and coverage.
  • Milestone: More Cryptos Covered
At launch, DeOrderBook includes support for BTCB and USDC. Further coin support plans include: ETH, BNB, DOGE, SOL, ADA and DOT, among other popular coins.
After adding more cryptos to be covered by DeOrderBook, a focus will be made on launching v2 of the protocol as well as extending the protocol's operations to other noted chains.
  • Milestone: DeOrderBook v2
DeOrderBook's v2 will add an Auction Market for BULLET tokens, which as of v1 will not yet be tradable among users. An auction market will allow for options to be bought with $DOB, further strengthening the circular nature of the ecosystem.
  • Milestone: Multichain Support
More support for different blockchain smart contracts will be added.
DeOrderBook will move towards its next stage by building towards its v3 launch and adding a spot market.
  • Milestone: Spot Market
In order to maximize the full potential of liquidities, a uHODL / bHODL pair will be added with DOB yields.
  • Milestone: DeOrderBook v3
Traditional tokenized assets will be added to the platform in this version, including support for Commodities and FX for a suite of OTC products against multiple asset classes.
Through all the above improvements suggested for the protocol, DeOrderBook will move closer and closer towards its vision of becoming a one stop shop for a multichain, multi-asset, OTC product and customized DeFi protocol.