Gerege Gold

Introducing the Gerege Gold NFTs...

What's the inspiration behind the Gold Gerege designs?

Gold Gerege NFTs take inspiration from ancient mythology, anime, and cyberpunk holograms to create an engaging series of NFTs.

Each of the 100 Gold Gerege NFTs available at launch is completely handdrawn. Each NFT features holographic representations of different scenes within the life of Dobia, the goddess who created the planet of DeOrderBook, up to her β€˜creation’ of the DeOrderBook. All together, the 100 NFTs describe the origin story of Dobia and how she came to create the planet of DeOrderBook.

How much does a Gold Gerege NFT cost?

Issued on an ERC-721 standard, each Gold Gerege NFT starts at Level 5 and comes at a price of 0.1 $ETH. The DeOrderBook treasury guarantees a buyback price of 0.1 $ETH to its users.

What are the benefits of being a Gold Gerege NFT holder?

Gold Gerege holders are eligible for greater revenue-sharing perks, starting at Level 5 with an additional 2.5% to their base revenue-sharing.

BULLET Bazaar access

More uniquely, only Gold Gerege holders will be able to claim a share of BULLET tokens generated from each limit order. They will also be granted exclusive access to the BULLET Bazaar, where users can trade BULLETs and take advantage of a special interface where they will be uniquely able to set pricing, sizing and order status.

How to level up my Gold Gerege NFT?

In terms of leveling up, Gerege Gold NFT holders can participate in the same ranking and leveling system as the Silver tier. Both Silver and Gold Gerege holders earn XP for the same actions, at the same rate.

Ranking and Leveling System

Each Level provides an additional 0.5% in revenue-sharing, this system will be off-chain for starters, additional revenue-sharing will happen once a month instead of per-block.

In order to "level-up", NFT holders must gain enough "experience points" (XP) to meet the benchmark for the next Level.

The requirements to earn points and the benchmarks to "level-up" will change based on different seasonal campaigns. For example, points can be given for referring a new user, taking multiple positions in a given week, participating in social media campaigns, etc.

Will my Gold Gerege NFT carry my XP and Level?

During the "season", NFT holders can write points they accumulate to their NFTs and also level-up by calling a contract method, so the NFT itself can carry their XP and Level values. When seasons change, new benchmarks for leveling-up and a new chart of actions that give XP will be released, to keep the system dynamic.

How do I purchase a Gold Gerege NFT?

At present, Gold Gerege NFTs are only available for minting through specific whitelisted addresses.