Explaining HODL

HODL tokens: the first step on every DeOrderBook journey

What are HODL tokens?

Upon entering the world of DeOrderBook, users need to first mint HODL tokens from the supported cryptocurrencies held in their wallet. At launch, DeOrderBook supports $USDC and $wBTC. Different cryptocurrencies mint different HODL token types. $USDC mints uHODL tokens, while $wBTC mints bHODL tokens.

Think of HODL tokens like tickets you'd get when you enter a carnival. Just as you'd use those tickets to play different games or claim prizes at the end, HODL tokens enable you to get your collateral onto DeOrderBook and start earning!

What can be done with HODL tokens?

Earn Yield

HODL tokens can be directly staked onto the platform for a basic APR, or can be used to place much more lucrative DeOrders.

Earn Rewards

As DeOrders mature, users earn $DOB: the platform's native governance token. Locking $DOB back onto the protocol generates two types of rewards for users: - a proportionate share of the protocol's fees according to its revenue-sharing scheme - a proportion of BULLET tokens

Shares of protocol fees are paid out in HODL tokens, which are directly redeemable for cold hard crypto!


Users can redeem HODL tokens for their related cryptocurrencies. $USDC can be redeemed with uHODL tokens, while $wBTC can be redeemed with bHODL tokens.\